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Engine Shipping Containers - Aircraft Engines

At West Coast Weld Tech our mandate is to deliver a product that is superior to any on the market and our containers are the proof. Each unit is custom designed and available in your choice of colors:
Rotor Heads
The advanced design of West Coast Weld Tech's shipping container makes the installation and removal of your component and the loading and unloading from transport easy. Another key benefit is the quality of construction. This allows your West Coast Weld Tech container to virtually last forever. It's backed by a guarantee that is as solid as the container itself.

Uncompromising Quality. Unbeatable Value.

The world's finest shipping container is actually the most affordable choice available, as these lightweight units will save enough in shipping and storage costs to be virtually paid for in as little as two shipments. There is no better shipping container ... call West Coast Weld Tech and ensure that your valuable components arrive safely.
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